The Fixed Fee Advantage

A Fixed Fee for legal services takes away some of the worry.

Lawyers’ fees are a big worry for people needing legal services.  This is because they are often charged on a time basis with no one being able to say for sure how much time will be taken.  Having a fixed fee can take some of the stress out of dealing with lawyers and your legal matter.

ReesLaw’s Fixed Fees:

  • reduce uncertainty about how much you need to pay;
  • help you to budget for legal fees;
  • help you to realistically assess costs versus benefits of each step along the way;
  • reassure you of our commitment  to progress your matter as efficiently and effectively as possible as fees are not taken until work is completed;
  • enable you and ReesLaw to work together on your matter without you worrying about being charged extra every time we communicate with you or anyone else, prepare documents, research the law or attend on any other matter within the scope of our retainer.

Are you interested in finding out more about whether a fixed fee retainer might be for you?


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