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Ken Ware, Director, Sarina Heights Pty Ltd – 1 August 2012

“Sarina Heights Pty Ltd’s (the company) primary focus is the substantial housing development of property at the central Queensland mining town of Middlemount.  As sole director of the company since December 2010, I have maintained ReesLaw as the company’s legal advisors and conveyancers.
During the establishment of loans – the building of the 38 units on stage one of the development – the conveyancing and distribution of collected revenue and many ‘post the completion’ of stage 1 circumstances.  The company was confronted with many awkward challenges of extreme urgency that required high order strategic management.  It was only through the extended efforts of Tori Barton and Steve Rees, above and beyond routine responses that managed the company through these challenging times.
I re-refer to ‘extended efforts’.  It virtually required vigilant day to day communication between Tori and myself and rapid circumstantial adaptations because of the extreme sensitivities of personalities that were acting on the smooth running of the development.  There is little doubt that Tori had to unexpectedly, dedicate large portions of her professional day to the needs of Sarina Heights during this period.  I remain extremely grateful for Tori’s commitment to the survival of Sarina Heights Pty Ltd – counseling and protecting me as the Director and ensuring that the ‘right thing’ be done at all times.
I hope that I have highlighted enough the gallant effort and integrity that was needed by Tori Barton and her advisor Steve Rees to manage the unusual and complicated circumstances of this particular development.  I sincerely recommend ReesLaw be given the opportunity to assist with your legal representative requirements.”

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